Cultural Clashes in Maine USA

Are recent immigrants demanding too much rights in their new countries that are making the locals tire of their demands.

When we are welcome in another country as immigrant or refugees, we bring our cultures with us and practice it if we will but do we have the right to ask the Americans, British or Canadians to change the way they do things to accommodate our culture. What culture are we talking about anyway- is it the right to practice our religion? to speak our language in the workplace?  The right to eat the foods we are accustomed to or the right to live in peace? These rights are reasonable but at the same time we have to realize that there is a culture that is practiced in these countries by the majority that we must respect. 

   The Mayor of Maine sounds like a man who is frustrated and has lost his cool and says openly what many Americans, Canadians, British and Australians citizens might want to tell those immigrants who fight for rights which locals feel may be unreasonable.

    The local citizens of the western countries must be aware that the rights immigrants fight for are the rights that are promised in their policies and constitution.  They are human rights. If the constitution gives one certain rights it would be foolish not to expect those rights.

    Human rights however is not  apart of the culture in many of the nations recent immigrants come from and that is why they left in the first place.

    It is true that an immigrant to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Iran for example cannot go to those countries and operate against the norms of the religious beliefs of those countries. Expatriate must respect the culture in public and practice their own culture at home or in private clubs. Is this what some people expect immigrants to do?

Unlike in Western countries, those countries mentioned above, do not promise exclusive rights to newcomers, in fact you cannot even get citizenship in some of these countries but that does not mean we have to punish newcomers from such and other countries.


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