India’s less known fact – There are Africans who are native Indians

Until in recent times I did not know that there were Africans ‘living in India. Thanks to modern communication and improved transportation humans shine light in the darkest corners of the world.  These Africans have lived in Jambur for centuries now but I have never heard my Indian friends speak of them.

Africans came here as merchants, adventurers, labourers, slaves and also as soldiers,” says Dr Ababu Minda Yinene, an Ethiopian anthropologist working in India.

“They brought with them their musical instruments, drumming in the ships, dancing, singing, doing the religious practices that they were doing in Africa, even falling into trances in the ships,” Ababu

Ababu said that of the several millions that lived in India most had no problem intermarrying with local men and women. There are few traces left today in many areas. The discerning eyes could see traces in the curly hair and facial features of many  Indians today, even in one of the Gods who sports a big Afro, the African presence in India is very much there however, hardly talked about by the Indians themselves. Perhaps many see the Africans as just another caste in India.


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