Hot in the press kettle October

Facebook and real life collides again in murder. A woman allegedly murdered her boyfriend after they had a fight over Facebook activities. I suspect we can expect to see a lot of such connections in the future as some people use this media to get even with lovers and friends who have gone bad.  The chances of escaping criminal behaviour online is less likely than in real life. There is online trail from which a person cannot hide and I hope they realize that when they bare their guts on Facebook. People have to start using this media more intelligently to avoid trouble with the law and with each other.  Read the s tory here:

One of the masseuse who accused actor John Travolta of sexual harassment in a hotel spa has dropped charges. The other spa attendant is pressing on with his charges. Travolta denied all charges.

Chinese billionaire paid out more than $560 million to the man who would marry his lesbian daughter.

 well-known Hong Kong billionaire has offered $65m (£40m) to any man able to woo and marry his lesbian daughter.

Property and shipping tycoon Cecil Chao publicly promised the “marriage bounty” after reports emerged that his daughter had wed her long-term girlfriend.

Maiko Watson performed at University of Toronto last evening. She was accompanied by Michael Peters on the guitar

Johnny Lewis Katy Perry ex-boyfriend is dead

Lewis is alleged to have murdered his landlady and then killed himself or fell accidentally from the roof of the building. Lewis, a small-time actor,  is reportedly have been suffering from alcoholism and other drug abuse as well as psychological issues.

Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour got off to a challenging start in Arizona as The Biebs had upset stomach or something that made him puke a couple times during the show but like a pro he saw the performance to the end. Get better Justin.

It was hot at The Piston bar on Monday Night October 1 with a David Bowie Tribute event hosted by junkshop DJ Jared Lee Benningston featuring Maiko Watson, Jared’s old highschool pal. It was a fun night, lots of people came out and had a great time.

If you’re looking for fun, check out The Piston, it is a musician friendly venue at 937 Bloor Street, Toronto, that gives pros and amateurs a chance to strut their stuff.


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