Hot in the Press Kettle September

Jennifer Lopez is returning to her Latin Roots as a producer on  where about 30 million viewers will tune into her message. That is not a bad gig at all.

Paris Hilton’s homophobic comments causes a stir and triggered an apology from her. Apparently Hilton was disgusted at gay men’s sexual proclivity and suggested they all might be infected with the AIDs Virus or something to that effect.

Robin Roberts, anchor on Good Morning America,  delayed her bone marrow to be with her beloved mother, 88-year-old  mother, Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts  during her final hours on this earth. Her mother passed on Thursday 20th , 2012.  Here are the moving words of Robin who is fighting for her life:

To help me deal with my immense grief my family tells me momma gave me one final gift as her last act. She waited for me to get home on Thursday to say goodbye. She was there when I took my first breath and what a privilege to hold her sweet hand when she took her last breath.

“Momma knew she wasn’t physically able to be with me for my bone marrow transplant. My siblings say mom wanted to spare me the agony it would have been if she had passed and I couldn’t be there. That thought was weighing heavily on me.

“Momma found a way to be with me every step of the way on my journey. I am humbled by her selflessness.


Check out this link to discover how many people have been fooled and deceive into marrying a family member even their own parent.

In another case, it took Indian bride Minati Khatua of Rourkela six months to discover that she had married a woman and not a man, Telegraph India reported in 2010.

Here’s an example:

After suspicions arose, Khatua forced open the door as her “husband” took a bath only to discover he was a woman. She eventually called the police. NDTV reported that the fraudulent woman fled with a car and a jeep purchased with money from Khatua’s bank account.

What makes people take these unnecessary risk just for pleasure? Is this a syndrome a mental diseases or what?

Why do people want to scale mountains and hills, swim across rivers and such like when the biggest mountain to climb is often left ignored – out of ego consciousness and connect with their authentic self. That is the journey we must make as humans and when we find that all the other stuff  pale in comparison with the freedom. To each his own.

KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) — An avalanche hit climbers on a high Himalayan peak in Nepal on Sunday, leaving at least nine dead and six others missing, officials said. Many of the climbers were French or German.

Police official Basanta Bahadur Kuwar said the bodies of a Nepalese guide and a German man were recovered and that rescue pilots had spotted seven other bodies on the slopes of Mount Manaslu in northern Nepal, the eighth highest mountain in the world.

Is Mr Mitt Romney out of touch with reality? Is he going to ignore poor people and think he could win an election in America? In case he does not know the majority of Americans are poor or teetering on the brink of poverty. America if you do not want cat to eat to eat what’s little is left you’d better get Obama in there to finish the job he started. He has a plan and Mr. Romney does not.

The Grammy fever is heating up but who cares?  Celebrities are fighting to maintain our focus on them but I find that many people are into their own celebrity and everyone gets their chance to do so on Facebook.

That’s all from me for now.


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