What would the Prophet Muhammad do?

What ails our Muslim brothers and sisters? Why the anger. According to psychology and other science of the mind, whatever we exhibit is what is inside of us. The rage and anger we see in the friends in the Middleast and elsewhere in the Muslim community maybe has little to do with that film (the red herring) and everything to do with the frustrations of their own lives and whatever issues they may be facing. These people perhaps need our sympathy more than anything else. When have they ever known peace and tranquility as most of us do in Western countries.  Peace is foreign to many Islamic countries as they had to fight not only their own governments for simple freedoms but the world that sees them as the new Pariah.

The world needs peace and the peace that comes from within. Our own individual world can offer us peace if we decide to focus on peaceful, tranquil thoughts, meditate more often and try to emulate the characteristics of the Unknowable Essence which is God and which is within all of us to manifest. When Muslims behave so badly they are not representing Allah, they are not representing the Prophet Muhammad but their own selfish ego, that is who they are representing.

I have many Muslim friends who are working very hard in helping people to understand Islamic principles and beliefs – they greet each other with Peace be Unto you? Then how come this unnecessary war.

Muslims, Christians, Jews and all other religious Order have to understand that people are free to think what they want. It is what people need – freedom and no amount of cajoling, threats, terror or any such thing will solve the problem. It would only create more war. So I urge you to respond to your critics and to the critics of your religion with love and understanding and perhaps you might change more hearts. As the saying goes you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

I urge those who are discrediting the Muslim faith to stop in the name of Allah. Do not bring more discredit to the people who love and respect God and Prophet Muhammad. STOP in the name of Allah.



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