Freedom vs Freedom: Peeping Toms

The media has begun its nasty cloak and dagger-hounding  tactics on Kate and William, Duchess and Duke of Cambridge. A European newspaper has bought and posted topless photos of the Duchess while relaxing with her husband on a private beach,  but the Queen appears to be planning swift legal action.  It seems like there is no place except in one’s barricaded backyard that one can expect some level of privacy.  Anyway if we as consumers buy this sort of thing then there is the incentive for magazines to go to all ends to get stupid photos of people we have nothing in common with but just curious about what they are doing.

I think mankind needs another past time than pimping celebrities and rich folks. We need to celebrate our own lives.  You have a lot to celebrate so focus on that.  There is power in the people. Ask yourself why do I care what Kate looks like naked. She is just a woman like anyone of you out there. It might be interesting to know what she is doing to help make this world a better place and what we might learn from her efforts.  I feel our freedoms have taken a beating.  There is freedom of the press but what about our individual freedom.  If we find a peeping tom behind bushes enjoying the sight of a female then he is charge but the same does not apply to peeping toms with cameras taking pictures of people and selling them to the highest bidder?  There’s something wrong with this picture.

See some of the good works the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are doing overseas


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