I love this Story

Business owners who try to prevent workers organizing to protect themselves better watch out – it can get complicated.

After months of organizing, the 23 workers voted and won the right to form an independent union, the Hot and Crusty Workers Association. They won a considerable sum of stolen back pay, but soon learned that, in retaliation, Samson planned to close the store and fire all the workers. On Friday, when the manager went to close the store, the workers instead marched into the restaurant and occupied the space for nearly four hours, holding a workers’ assembly before the police arrived, arrested six supporters from Occupy who, at the request of the workers, refused to leave. The police then chained the restaurant doors shut. (The workers distracted themselves from their emotions by ridiculing the management-police duo for closing the store with exposed food still sitting in the window, waiting for rats and roaches…

  In retaliation the owner of the business shut down the establishment putting all the workers out of job but they responded and started their own Justice Cafe.  I  urge the workers to look into taking over the business permanently. Businesses should not be allowed to operate in such spiteful ways.

How can society justify paying a person $700 for 70 hours of hard work while paying other folks $700 for one hour’s work? How is this fair? We all need decent houses and good food, clothes and money for our children’s education. We need to revisit how we value labour.

I wish that more such efforts will be made for people to take responsibility for their own lives. Enough of the exploitation of those who seek to become filthy rich on the backs of poor folks.



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