America you need to give President Obama a resounding return to office

I used to associate fraudulent elections with third world country (my ignorance) but it is rampant in countries such as the USA and Canada where you think , well these are developed countries, they’ve had to work with democratic ways of doing business much longer than the so-called third world countries. However honesty has nothing to do with democracy, it has everything to do with human greed for power and control over others and to get it by any means necessary, even stealing an election from a legitimate winner. The people who engage in this type of behaviour are the leaders who want to be at the top because they have everything to gain personally. Those leaders are the ones looking out for themselves and their little nuclear families.

There are lots of things wrong with the American brand of democracy which is more chilling than anything you can find in third world countries. Powerful minorities with deep pockets are running the election with their money. They are buying ads, pouring millions of dollars into the candidate of their choice for a leading edge. Is this democracy or moneycracy, moneycrazy? Is it not and America is making a mockery of democracy and they want to go to so called third world country to establish democracy? Excuse me, I do not think America is qualified. Maybe Ghana should teach America about Democracy.

Last night President Obama gave a heartfelt, honest speech and America has a big choice to make – to return to where President Bush left the country or to move forward and build on the progress the Democrats have made.  It is simple as that. If you are feeling comfortable in your house, in the job you have, in the safety you might be feeling – that could easily change with any change at this critical juncture. This is not the time to change. This is the time to move forward with an honest President who has no business, no hidden agenda, no conflict of interest with the business of government and with his own business. Give him a chance to put America on a solid footing. 

Do not forget where you were four years ago. America was in dire need and jeopardy. We forget the bad quickly when good times are here but do not forget where you came from four years ago or there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth big time with a Romney-Ryan wild card.



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