The Pundits called First Lady Michelle O’s speech – a killer speech

Let’s get partisan here, where would men be without a strong woman by their side? Michelle Obama has proven to be the President’s secret weapon. She is clear-headed, articulate, brilliant and just a nice human being who want what is best for America’s children. She has shown where her heart beat the loudest and that’s for the children.

Needless to say, I loved the way Ms Obama delivered her speech, there was not rhetoric, no calling down anyone but simply elegantly stating what was in her heart.

I believe America would be so short-sighted if they let Mr. Barack Obama slip through their fingers when that country is teetering on the brink of more of what the previous administration left. The Democrats are moving on their plan and Mr. Obama has done what he said he would do, what is left to be done to wrap up his gift to America will be done in the next four years. When he leaves Office America would be on top or pretty much near the top again. If he is not given the chance then the new government would waste time trying to undo what President Obama has done and while looking away, things will fall apart, surely they will. America you who are middle class or poor, you’d better count on what you know than wishful thinking. This is not the time to change.  This is time to stay the course.


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