Are you been overtreated overtested by your physician

Although you may not know it a visit to your doctor for a fever could cost insurance more than $7000 if doctors unscrupulously orders, MRI, blood tests, this or that. In many cases some of the physicians may have an interest in the labs they refer you to.  Many times you would find that the tests may cause more harm and emotional damage than necessary. The article below is informative.

Sometimes you have to say enough is enough. I know many of us fear death or something bad happening – 99% of the time nothing will happen that won’t happen.  According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, we have to realize that we came into this reality through a sexually transmitted terminal disease – we will die one day but we can choose not to make doctors and the pharmaceutical companies profit from our demise the way they are going. Let us get some perspective on this.


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