Hot in the Press Kettle

It’s true they say money does not make the man, neither is an outwardly successful life, what makes the man is in the invisible realm of his life. In order to live a full life one has to remain in constant touch with the inner man, that changeless, formless, invisible force which sees and hears but we cannot touch which is the creative source of life, some call God, Creator, Allah or whatever. It reminds us to be grateful for our life as we know it and to live it the best way we can. We may want the life of a successful person but do we know what that life is? Do we know if that life is in congruence, is it peaceful, healthy in body mind and spirit.

What drove Mr. Scott to jump off a bridge and checked himself out of his mortal life? What was so unbearable in a life that outwardly appeared to have it all? Some questions have to be left unanswered but offers lessons for the living.

This one may be good for a movie deal. What length would a mother go to protect her son, especially her only son and child since China’s one child policy has put a very high premium on one’s children especially a son who is seen as the heir to the family name. 

In this real life drama, the mother ( Mrs Gu – wife of a prominent Communist Political leader in Beijing) lured the British businessman who was hounding and threatening her son for millions of dollars lost in a venture capital project, decided to be proactive and lured the businessman to a hotel room where she fed him cyanide and killed him and left him to die his hotel room where he was discovered by room attendants. Ms Gu left tablets in plain view to give the impression that death resulted from a combination of whiskey and pills.  The victim’s body was cremated shortly afterwards.  However whatever is done in darkness comes to light sooner than later and for Ms Gu, sooner.  She was found guilty of murder. Read the entire story for yourself – very interesting but not that creative.

In the past older women were seen as the culprit in passing on genetic conditions to children when they choose to start procreation past their prime age but recent research points that older men  are most responsible for gene mutation which produces schizophrenia and autism in children. Women’s mutation appears to have something to do with Down’s Syndrome.

The moral of this story is that people might want to think about getting children when they are in their prime as nature dictates or choose to adopt one of the many children who are craving for parents – they are out there.  As anyone would tell you the love is the same.  It is not fair to kow tow to our egos and bring children into the world who are faced with serious challenges from the get go.

I am happy to see that Michael J. Fox will be back on TV with a new show.  The actor who suffers from Parkinson and has dedicated much of his life to advocating and raising funds for the cure, will be part of a 22 episode television sitcom.

I think people with this disease and those without it will be inspired to see a man who was diagnosed in 1998 is making a comeback. There is hope and we can all take a page from Fox’s book as I have not see many as determined and upbeat as this guy in spite of his incurable neurological disease.  I am looking forward to seeing Fox – not to pity him and watch for signs of his illness as some suggest but to watch the human spirit in action. that’s amazing.

Legitimate Rape

Spoof song on this topic has gone viral. I think the Republican Brand are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the public by trying to distance themselves from Julian Assange  who is being honest and you have to respect a man who says what he means unafraid of the consequences because if you accept him you have to respect his beliefs. Unlike Romney and Ryan ducking behind political correctness.  Do not be fooled. These people waant to roll back the clock on women.


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