Jamaica celebrates 50 years of emancipation from Britain while Bolt Breaks more records at Olympics 2012

Jamaicans all over the world are celebrating emancipation from British rule 50 years ago today and coincidentally the Jamaica flag is raised in Britain to celebrate Usain Bolt’s spectacular gold in the 100 meter run breaking his own record.

Jamaica, the largest island in the Caribbean, has made considerable contribution to the world, which is always a puzzle to the pundits of statistics. How can such a small island produce such great people, what Jamaicans got that others in similar circumstances do not have is the question? The answer according to a Jamaican recently is  “we are blessed”and blessed they are.

Bold is No. 1

Bob Marley is a world iconic personality, he influenced the world of music that makes him a tru legend, Naiomi campbel, model extraordinary, Colin Powell, soldier extraordinary, Ben Johnson, athlete of note, Louise Bennett and so many others too few to mention.

See what freedom can produce?  Let us work together to make the whole world a free country for all.

God Bless Jamaica and God bless the people of Jamaica.


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