Hot in the Press Kettle – July 2012

Let’s give it up for Canada Day! It is a holiday in Canada! The Forks might be the hottest place to check out.

The Winnipeg Jazz Festival is over and it was another fantastic year with some of Jazz greats from all over came for the gig. It was fabulous. There were some fantastic free entertainments which is something to look forward to every year at the Cube aka the old Market Square – There were Flosoul, R&B,  Awarding winning Maiko Watson, soul, funk, R&B and rock, Noma Simbanda, R&B and Folk and Moses Mayes big band featuring Maiko Watson that brought the house down on the final night. It was awesome.  Watson’s individual show on the opening night was a knock out, she was in fine form and her interaction with the audience was pure love, that’s all.

Maiko Watson and one of Winnipeg’s premiere bands Moses Mayes


It’s Official

Good news, Rihanna found a boy friend, Drake and bad news she is ordered to go into rehab or risk being dropped from Jay-Z’s label.  Heard Rihanna chose the latter.


A woman with double mastectomy fought and won the right to swim topless in a public swimming pool. The woman argued that men with breasts are allowed to swim topless then why she can’t. Sounds like a fair argument to me.


Karen Klein who rides the bus with school children to protect them was the target of some distasteful bullying and taunting by the very children she is supposed to take care of.  A good Samaritan who videotaped the entire shenanigan posted his video on You Tube and tried to raise  $5000  to send the woman on a vacation but instead he’s raised enough to give the woman a great retirement package – a whopping half a million dollars.  I’m wondering if this is real money or monopoly money! Where do people get that kind of cash in less than 72 hours of the petition being posted? Wow people are super generous if this is for real and even if it isn’t   it’s still super because it is the thought that counts, right.

Kristen Stewart star of the Twilight Series beat out veterans like Angelina Jolie in paycheck this year.


Jennifer Hudson lands a NBC gig – a multi episode musical drama that will air next season.

Prince Williams turns 30 and cashes in the $15 million present from his late mom.  Isn’t that nice, even though that $15 million can buy a lot less today than 30 years ago  it is still a good chunk of change. Happy birthday William, I wish you all the best because I like you.


11-year-old You Tube sensation from Prairie city Winnipeg Manitoba has signed a contract with Steve Nowack to make her a big star.

I wonder why parents take their young children to the slaughter of show business, knowing full well what a cut throat business it is.  For the sake of fame and money a little girl will miss out of the most important part of her life, that of being a little innocent girl. If she is good enough other opportunities would come her way when she is the ripe age of 18 or so..

In Canada we frown upon child labor. Is this not child labor? Or are there different rules for  show business and  field  work?

Good luck to Maria and I hope you come through the mill in one piece and a sense of who you are.


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