Bruce Springsteen spurns Conservative Love

Even some big shots with conservative leanings try to claim Bruce Springsteen for themselves, the Boss has made it clear that he does not return the love. He is obviously not happy with the way they run things in the country. Bruce happens to be a progressive thinker and cannot contain himself into the square little boxes that Conservative thinking often produces.

Bruce has always shown that he is for the common folks and that is his strength and people love him for that. He has a heart

If there is one common thread that spans the decades of his career it’s his ability to make great, even heroic art out of the everyday struggles of working people. The girls he falls in love with aren’t the most beautiful but they’re his; the deep tragedies he writes of are the loss of a job, tension with a father or brother, the tiny but overwhelming crises most of us deal with every day.

Read the rest:–_bruce_springsteen_doesn%27t_love_you_back?


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