Neocolonialism by the Multinational Corporations (IMF)

We may have been freed from the British, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish’s colonizing tactics but none of us can escape the grip that the IMF have over our lives including our so-called democratic governments.  IMF  rules the world. Just who is the IMF – small consortium of corporations that dictate to our governments how to tax s, how much to pay us and how to keep us in the squeeze to make sure we are motivated to go out and produce more wealth for the corporate world.

The ordinary guy receives a fraction of the wealth he produces for the corporate world.  They make us feel we have no power, that if we miss a month’s work we will be homeless and starving and they keep us in that space, frightened and anxious and stuck in that mentality.

How can we get out of this grip? Do more for yourself, become more self-reliant, do more with less and enjoy the simple things in life and stop being a slave to your desires. Once you are in debt you are a slave.  We all are but there is a way out. Stop buying stuff, pay off your debt and live free.





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