America got it wrong

Last Idols standing Philip Philips and Jessica Sanchez

I think that Joshua Ledet should have been standing there and the choice should have been between the two boys. Jessica is a terrific singer but I think her song choices throughout the season were a bit too old for her and I just did not get her at all.  To be an idol needs more than just singing technicality. Joshua had charisma, passion, showmanship. I would go to see him because he comes alive on stage and infects the audience with adrenalin.

Ledet is a James Taylor kind of a singer and he did a really good job in getting people to connect with him emotionally but Jessica is not here yet, maybe in a year or so she’d be set if she worked on connecting more with her music.

But hey, the people have spoken and while Ledet is not going to win this year he might just be another Jennifer Hudson who came from behind and made a bigger name for herself than perhaps the Idol could have given her. We’ll see.


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