Racism touted as a Personality Disorder


I am tempted to agree that some racist behaviours can be seen as a personality disorder. It is a mental illness that cannot embrace the truth because it conflicts with something to the contrary that is buried so deep within them that the idea of equality and that their beliefs have been wrong send them to a deep end.

I’ve always sad it is a sad commentary of parents who infect children with hatred or a sense of false superiority over others.  When a say, for example, a white child cannot compete with a black child in school and that black child comes from a more socially privileged background,  it must be awfully difficult for a children brainwashed by false doctrine to come to terms with that.  So what does he do? Instead of examining the fact and changing his beliefs he gets more irrational and sees the other as taking away what is rightfully his and that’s madness.

It is an illness that parents and those communities that suffer from it need to address by making things right, admitting their mistakes and speaking truth.

Society cannot just accept the harms done to racial minorities and park it under the category of and illness. Most of the harmful racism that affects minorities in a big way are those that come from institutions which were built on racist ideals. We have to find a way to correct that and maybe the individual racist acts will be diminished or racist will simply run out of steam or a place to express racism that they will be forced to keep it to themselves and deal with it with the help of their spiritual leaders.



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