Letter to the Editor re free education

An Elite College Education, Online?
Published: May 7, 2012
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Andy Rash

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Re “The Campus Tsunami,” by David Brooks (column, May 4):

The increase in online courses offered by prominent universities like Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will offer easier access to higher education, but online classes take away from the overall class experience.

As a college student, I feel that at times class can be dreadful and monotonous, but the benefits of actually being in class are evident in my understanding of the material. The teacher-student relationship formed in class allows for open discussion, giving the classroom a friendly and engaging ambience.

Online classes would not provide this. They can be great to meet a requirement, or to get the main idea about a topic, but it would be difficult for them to deepen a student’s understanding and interest in the field of study.

Fairfield, Conn., May 4, 2012

The writer is a sophomore at Fairfield University.


I believe the free education is for those who cannot afford a university education or those who are too bored to get out of bed to throttle off to university to hear discussions that have no meaning for them.  There will always be those who want to be part of a class, to participate in frat parties and do crazy stuff but for others this is not appealing.

I think more universities should offer online alternative. It will save money and  valuable time.


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