Skinny booted out from the Red Carpet

How easy it is to blame outside sources for the problems of a few people. The answers do not lie in these external objects but within.  Eating disorders have little to do with what’s happening on the outside world but has everything to do with the private internal invisible world of the sufferers.  Eating disorder is a mental illness that needs to be treated like any mental disorder.

I am not saying that we should encourage  women in their illness by providing them lucrative jobs and making them the standard to which all woman should aim but punishing them on the other hand by taking away their livelihood is not the answer.

We are all, men and women,  hostage to the art of persuasion – who does not talk about constantly losing weight? Why is there a proliferation of gyms, yoga studios, Brazilian zumba and all manner of exercise  or fitness centres?  These businesses are popping up like dandelions everywhere, because we have been duped  into thinking that walking or riding  or swimming – doing things for fun, mopping the floor, washing dishes with our hands and shovelling the snow are simply not enough exercise. We are urged  to and promised that we could be that lean, mean machine by effective TV ads, billboard ads etc. Blaming a few girls who are obviously ill for the  increase in eating disorders across the board – including race, sex, social backgrounds, class etc. is a red herring. The problem is advertising that seem to have the power to sway us like taking candy from a child. We are a brainwashed society and it’s time we snap out of it and return to what we know to be true.

Sorry, but I do not agree that skinny models should be made the pariah for our national  obsession with weight.  On the one hand we are urged to lose weight and on the other hand we are urged to indulge in the yummy foods and treats in interchanging ads. We are bombarded by mixed messages and we seem helpless to extricate ourselves from their hold.  We have too much, we take more than our share of the world’s resources and we gorge ourselves with all kinds of indulgences to their extreme, we have too little to do so we gaze upon ourselves and worry about being too fat (when we are normal), getting old,  spotting the beginning of a wrinkle – we are a mess and we want to transfer our problem on thin girls. That’s out of the water people.

Look within yourself, find your truth, know that we are spiritual beings having a human experience for a purpose, find that purpose. Love yourself no matter what, be your own best friend and know that you have a right to be here and we all have struggles but we have to work through them without making excuses. We have to own our challenges and take full responsibility for them. Stop the blame game stop watching advertisements and you’ll be fine.


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