Blind man wants to lead China into the light of day

A prominent Chinese lawyer, Chen Guangcheng,  and human rights advocate now said to be under American protection in Beijing is at the centre of one of President Obama’s most challenging diplomatic dances of all time.  Just when the American government is trying to woo Chinese business and partnership… this. Both governments will try to make political gains out of the situation and to save face as well?  How can this be done. 

Mr. Cheng openly criticized the Chinese government one-child policy which encourages abortions especially of girl fetuses and other human rights violation. He was under house arrest but he managed to escape under the Chinese watch.

If past news coverage of other dissidents is any guide, Mr. Murong Xyuecum, prominent Chinese writer,  said he expected propaganda officials to spin a new narrative once news of his predicament becomes impossible to tamp down, criticizing Mr. Chen as an enemy of the nation. In recent years, the government has used a similar playbook for Ai Weiwei, the artist and government critic, and Liu Xiaobo, the essayist and political reform advocate who won the Nobel Peace Prize while serving an 11-year sentence for subversion. Both men were portrayed in the official press as self-serving elitists seeking to tear the nation apart.

That could prove difficult in his case. “A blind person and peasant as a destabilizing threat to the government?” Mr. Murong Xuecum  asked. “That would be a joke.”


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