Mia Love daughter of Haitian Immigrants is Utah Congressional Nominee

Blacks apparently don’t like it, that Mia Love, Mayor of Saratoga Springs and child of Haitian immigrants to the US,  is on the Mitt Romney bandwagon. It is a free country and the woman has a right to choose her values regardless from where she came or what colour she may be.  There must be something that she finds attractive in the Republican Party aside from the fact that she is said to be a Mormon.  Don’t forget there were precedents – Condoleeza Rice former Secretary of State was also on the Bush Ticket and she did not do so badly.  Some Blacks just prefer to be the all American person and seize opportunities as they present themselves.


On Saturday, Utah Republicans gave their nomination for a new heavily GOP Congressional seat to a surprising choice: Mia Love, the 37-year-old daughter of Haitian immigrants and the mayor of Saratoga Springs, a community of 18,000 outside Salt Lake City.

Utah selects its candidates at party conventions with primaries only occurring if no one wins 60 percent or more of delegates. Love won the nomination on the final ballot when she beat former state legislator Carl Wimmer with 70 percent of the vote….



2 comments on “Mia Love daughter of Haitian Immigrants is Utah Congressional Nominee

  1. Presh says:

    Yes, blacks – all blacks – don’t like it. Thanks for the massive generalization.

  2. Leguanite says:

    Thanks for pointing out the generalization. You are perfectly right and I thank you. That should read some Black folks…..

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