Ouch! Hot in the Press Kettle

Everyone is talking about race in the Trayvon Martin, but I think Bill Cosby nailed it on the head, while  Zimmerman’s motivation to shoot to kill might have been because of racist stereotypes he has about young black male, the bigger question is why a Neighborhood watch person has to be walking around with a gun? You have a gun, you will shoot. His actions are supported by the power structure which tells him to shoot to kill if he feels threatened. Feeling threatened is subjective. A frighten Friday will feel threatened at the movement of a feather in the dark especially if that feather is coming from the direction of a black person.  I think what happened to Trayvon can conceivably happy to any person and Americans ought to stand up and ask for changes to their gun laws.


Strange behaviour of Idol Judges

Are these judges directing American people’s choice. To say on national TV that America got it wrong insults the intelligence of the collective voters. That is not cool. If you want to make the public the decision maker on who becomes the next American idol then let them, don’t try to direct traffic please. Is there some kind of a conflict of interest going on here? It seems that although Jessica Sanchez is a great singer, it is

Finalists in the American Idol - Sanchez is in blue

not the type of singer America appears to like as their Idol and the Idol people better accept the votes and get on with it. There are many excellent singers on that show and not all of them will be winners. I think the Idol judges are feeling their britches. Let the people speak, please. Dr. Ruth is back with a new book about more sex. If you thought Dr. Ruth the feisty sex therapist had gone cold, think again. She is back swinging with another book about sex directed at women. Dr. Ruth in an interview with Jian Ghomeshi recently said she has observed some cultural shifts in women’s sexuality. Women have started to take on more ownership of their sexuality.

See what new this goodly Dr. Ruth has to say. I thought she said it all during her  radio show which lasted more than a decade. http://www.cbc.ca/books/2012/04/lets-talk-about-sex.html  Life Interrupted by Cancer.This is a young person’s story about facing cancer in your 20s. We often think of cancer as an old people’s disease but more and more young people are diagnosed with the disease. This story is worth reading, it is informative and easy to read.In the oncology ward, I still felt invisible, flying under the radar with my waist-length hair and the nose ring I got when I was 14. In the waiting room at my second appointment, a man with a sleeveless shirt and a bandanna covering his hairless head leaned in toward my father, who’s been bald since the ’80s, and raised his fist in the air: “Live strong, brother,” he said. Later, my dad and I had a good laugh about the mix-up — it helped ease our tight nerves for a moment. But I remember also feeling slighted, as though my terrible new disease wasn’t being acknowledged.Check it outhttp://well.blogs.nytimes.com/tag/suleika-jaouad/ Wheh meh KeysThis is a Britain got Talent Contestant that roused up the audience good and proper. It will bring a smile to your face. If you are not from the Caribbean you may not understand all the words because it is sung in Creolese but the song is about someone trying to find his keys, something we all can relate to.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LT–h2GjaAU Who doesn’t know about heart-break. Your boyfriend leaves you for another woman and you want to know what she has that you don’t have. Check out this YouTube video and again, it is something we all can relate to.http://youtu.be/dBFBIk98y_Q It’s not over till it’s over and never give up on your dreams, this is what Gordon Pinsent could tell anyone. He is now in his 80’s and has been discovered as a musical/storyteller of sorts. It seems that Pinsent has been writing poems for years – more than 44 years but never thought much of them until a musician heard him read one of his poems and the creative wheels started turning in the head of Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo and Travis Good of the Sadies and a star is born with  a Down and Out in Upalong, a CD of his poetry set to music.


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