Diane Keaton opens up where most women dare not

If truth be told, many women may feel what Diane Keaton expresses. Sorry but men are strange fruits that someone our culture tells us we have to like and have to eat, that’s just the way life is supposed to be. Have you ever thought what life would be like if no one had ever told you that? Why is it that women enjoy their time better with women? Because there are no expectations and you can let your hair down. With me it’s like you always on the stage. It’s an anxiety ridden relationship – you worry about your weight, about getting or looking old, about whether this man is attracted to you or to the young blonde that just passed you and which he is still staring at from the back of his head?  Most men do not make good friends because they don’t like to talk to women about little things and they don’t like to listen to women whine about this or that. Many women have to become actors fast when they are in a relationship with a man. It’s not an easy life for women.

Maybe life would be better for women if they lived on their home and co-parent with me while they live and maintain their own household. They may make even better more interesting parents that way.



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