Does God Exist

One of the big questions that as human we face even if we claim to believe in a supreme being. Unless you have some kind of personal awakening that gives you  definitive proof  that God exist then how can you prove it. Anything we approach in terms of proof is neither here nor there.

Because Mr. Gray does not believe in a higher power, it is difficult engage him in a serious discussion of God. People come to believe in a Creative power or source through faith. If one is living a conscious life it will be hard to deny that we are only flesh. There is more to the human being. Our ability to comprehend and imagine  set us apart, our ability to create things visible from an invisible world in phenomenal. Anything we see in the material world comes from the world of spirit or imagination and then made manifest.  So, we are not merely flesh we are more.

Dr. Gray states that Hindus, Chinese, Dao and other old religions do not believe in God but he is wrong. All these religions have a basis in one universal creator. He may not have done his research properly. because if he did he would know that Hindus in spite of their complicated rituals and rites do have an underlying belief in a universal God. Ask any Pandit to explain basic Hinduism and he will tell you.


4 comments on “Does God Exist

  1. Mr. Mark says:

    Small point: Certainly, belief in God is entirely a matter of faith and nothing else. However, I assume from context that by the statement, “If one is living a conscious life it will be hard to deny that we are only flesh. There is more to the human being,” you meant to state that it is hard to deny that we are more than flesh.

    I believe in God, but within the physical world in which we live this life, I see no reason to believe that our physical existence here is entirely explainable through physics and medicine. My thoughts and emotions are electro-chemical reactions, my memories are stored within the organ of the brain by some complex means, and the world around me behaves in accordance with the laws of physics. Whatever will God wishes to exercise in our world, God can achieve by way of the physical mechanisms that characterize the universe he created.

    For instance, consider the nature of the Big Bang event and subject of physical determinism. If the exact manner in which the Big Bang took place set into motion chains of events that were immutable from the very start of time, then everything that happens thereafter would be preordained, yet also governed strictly by the physical laws of our universe. Even if we throw in random chance, we are still talking about an all-knowing, all-powerful creator who knows the outcome of chance before it plays out – from the perspective of God it remains pre-ordained, though to us it is random. In that kind of universe, we have free will at the same time that our actions are predetermined in exactitude.

    Therefore, I see no reason to require a supernatural component to corporeal existence in order to maintain faith in God.

  2. Leguanite says:

    Great comment. I appreciate what you said. As for me I believe that God is that invisible source of energry from which we all came to which we will return. It is not yesterday, not tomorrow but always now, the present. It is operating the same way as it did since the beginning of time. Everything in the world was once imagined, everything came out from the invisible world, which is the world of spirit and as Wayne Dyer said, we are the product of God’s imagination. That Source can be whatever you want it to be. When one is connected to it then everything is possible, whatever that Source is capable of we can as well. It’s like Jesus said everything he has done we can do and even more if we believe. “With God all things are possible”.
    I believe we have free will and that is we have the choice is connecting to God or the Source of our being or not. When we are connected to God and live from that place then we can live consciously and fearlessly. We are living disconnected from our Source, then we tend to live from a place of fear and life can become more complicated and internal trauma. Whereas when we live from that God-centred place things we go with the flow and not against it.

  3. Sexypinks says:

    I think god is real.I saw it with my own eyes and he prove it too me in so many ways.Its alot of times my family and i done on our faces can’t find food to eat or cant find jobs we all bow done on our knees and pray to in and he answered our prayers

  4. Leguanite says:

    Good for you keep on believing.

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