Potluck – the good and the bad

I never knew about potluck until I came to North America. Where I come from people took pride in feeding their guests independent of any help.  People saw this as some kind of status symbol and a contest to see who can prepare more dishes. It took a lot of time and a lot of money for people who did not have much money anyway but everybody was happy. Then I came to North America and discovered the wonderful world of potlucks – food galore – a feast that encourages gluttony and at times the variety gives one choices like it did me yesterday at a community potluck. There were lots of food, much more than we could eat. At the end of it people packed up food for grandchildren, husbands who couldn’t attend and for their Monday lunches.

I am a vegan and I thought I’d only eat what I took because our folks like a lot of meat but someone knew I developed this strange diet and brought some foods that I could eat. I had a wonderful time, I was able to eat my food – rice and beans, delicious chickpeas curry, unadulterated salad, pholouri and sour, roti and washed that down with ginger beer and sorrel drink.

The day was beautiful, company delightful and I overindulged, just a little bit.  This is one of the reasons I don’t like potluck – there are generally too many dishes that encourages one to eat lots, try everything. So this is a once a year thing for me and should be for most of us because remember the big W – we all are mindful of our weight; yes.

Have a great day, it is still a fantastic day our here.



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