I love Adele The Woman has a Brain in her head

How many artists will take a hiatus in the height of their career? Those who think that their fans really love them and would wither without them. Adele has made a very important decision that speaks volume about her. She realizes she cannot cavort with those awards and medals, that she is human and needs human affection, family and all that ordinary working folks need. When we see the tragedy that befalls artists that take their fame too seriously, I think it’s time musicians and artists learn from the bitter pills of others and get their priorities right. The media, fans and all those who bank on your payroll are not there because they love you like family does, they are jut there to be entertained and those who receive payments it’s a job. Entertainers have to start looking after themselves and pace themselves, give priority to their health and family. That what’s keep them in the long run. Don’t be too greedy for money, be grateful and content. Life will be good. Congratulations Adele, you’re after my own heart. The fans will be there when you return because you are good at what you do.





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