Children Rule – Cancer cure may be around the corner

Seventeen year old Angela Zhang of Cupertino California and student at Monta Vista High school, born to Chinese immigrant parents saw finding a cure for cancer as a puzzle and you know when we are stumped by a puzzle the more determined we are to crack the code. Angela may have done that and if her work contributes to the cure millions in the world would be forever grateful that a dent could be put in this runaway disease called cancer or the big C.

 to say the least. Gupta says all she knows is its recipe — for curing cancer.  According to the report, Angela’s idea was to mix cancer medicine in a polymer that would attach to nanoparticles — nanoparticles that would then attach to cancer cells and show up on an MRI  so doctors could see exactly where the tumors are. Then she thought shat if you aimed an infrared light at the tumors to melt the polymer and release the medicine, thus killing the cancer cells while leaving healthy cells completely unharmed.

Get this, in her spare time Angela wrote a research paper which won her $100,000. Like a typical teenager she ran out and bought herself several pairs of shoes.

Way to go Angela, keep up the good work, this is really important work.


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