Hot in the Press Kettle

Mystery surrounds the death of a 19-year-old aspiring model and actress as investigators continue to piece together why she left a car on the Gardiner Expressway.
Former Sunshine girl Katie Traverso was fatally hit by a truck near Dufferin Street after somehow exiting the eastbound Toyota Corolla in which she was a passenger at 2:30 a.m. Monday.  Sounds very suspicious to me.

I heard a similar story where a woman jumped out of a car on a highway because of sexual harassment. I don’t want to cast aspersions on anyone but when a young woman leaves a car on a busy highway and risk her life, she must have been very desperate or maybe she was pushed out because she would not give in to her abuser. In any case, I hope the police get to the bottom of this. I am hoping it is not another case of perceived patriarchal entitlement when it comes to the female body.

Lego Teens have been offered a book deal to write about their  experiment which has caught the  nation of the cyber world.  The teens who have become somewhat of a superstar have been sought after by celebrities such as Jay Leno and numerous newpaper resporters wanted their story first hand.

The two Agincourt Collegiate students Matthew Ho  and Assad Muhammad created the “Lego Man.” Ho and  Muhammad launched him in  a helium-filled, picture-taking, weather balloon into near space last month. The pair visited East York’s Diefenbaker Elementary School Tuesday and the student treated them like rock stars.

Just so you know these whiz kids are not private school students they go to public schools. Another reason for us to support public schools for they have a way of turning out the most creative people on the planet.–lego-man-teens-visit-grade-1-class

Creative solution to a big problem

Failed American Idol hopeful turns his sights to a possible alternative to the big screen – the big highway where he can use his 15 minutes of fame to recover his travelling expenses – begging.

Can you believe it?

Jennifer Hudson is

 a completely transformed

woman. Wow

Parminder Nagra, Alcatraz actress divorces photographer  husband of three years James  Stenson and seeks joint custody of their two year son USA Today reports

JLO and Marc Anthony are willing to put their differences aside to work on their Latin American Idol Project which they started before the separation. The two are professional about it. The show must go on and that’s great for them and great for the budding artists of the Latinamerican region.

Former boyfriend of the slain Zainab Shafia 19, Ammad Wahid is remorseful over his lack of action. He now feels he ought to have stood up for the woman he loved in front of her family he expressed to a CBC Fifth Estate exclusive interview. How could he have known that parents would go so far in controlling their children’s behaviour? She was only 19 and many would not under normal circumstances stand up to their girlfriend’s parents like that.

… I feel like if I was able to take a step to take her out of the house, I should’ve gone further. I should’ve, should’ve stood up more. And I feel like I should’ve stood up directly to her father and brother, which I didn’t do,” he said.

Wahid said he doesn’t know how they would have reacted, but wondered if maybe they would have listened, or reacted differently. “I wasn’t worried about the outcome, how they would’ve reacted with me, but she would’ve been alive,” Wahid said. “There are a lot of possibilities.”

Mystery Illness hits one school, Leroy high school and appears to be spreading through social media. Imagine that.

Staff Sargeant Travis Pearson was docked 10 days pay for having sex with a junior female officer in the company car.? Isn’t that sexual harassment? We heard a lot about the prevalence of female staff being sexually harassed by their male superior. I do not like the sound of this. The Officer ought to be suspended for a longer time and the female officer should file a human rights complaint against the RCMP.

Madonna and Halle Berry’s stalker hauled back to the mental hospital

A stalker who had targeted Madonna and Halle Berry has been caught, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Authorities released a statement today saying that Robert Dewey Hoskins was arrested at 9 a.m. this morning not far from the L.A.-area mental hospital he walked away from last week. He is being transported back to the facility.

AMSTERDAM — Spanish photographer Samuel Aranda won the 2011 World Press Photo of the Year award Friday for an image of a veiled woman holding a wounded relative in her arms after a demonstration in Yemen.

Arab Springs shot won Photo of the Year Award.


One comment on “Hot in the Press Kettle

  1. Amanda says:

    You don’t want to cast aspirations… Yet you do. Katies sister was driving the car. How about you keep your trap shut until you are told what took place that day. That family is a complete mess right now, they are hurting so bad. Her sister and her were very close. Have a little bit of respect this could be your family one day.

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