Protecting children from Pedophiles

The Ontario police have charged more than 200 suspected  pedophiles of accessing child pornography online and claim this is the biggest bust in Canadian history. This makes me so mad.

Police cannot do it all. Parents are key in protecting their children from pedophiles.  Parents need to be vigilant about who their children associate with, who are their teachers, daycare workers, scout leaders and all those men in particular who like to be with small children or young children in general. I do not want to stereotype men for some are genuinely interested in children and in helping out a lonely young boy or girl.

These are  the facts as we know thus far:

Most of child molesters are male

Most of these males try to position themselves in jobs where they would have access to young children – elementary school teachers, daycare workers, pediatric nurses etc,

Most of these males are in trust positions and fool parents who willingly release their children in the care of these men. They always want to help, going out of their way to accommodate parents especially single-parents – offering to babysit, take their child out to the movies, treat the child with goodies and build trust with both mother and child. Pedophiles are good at what they do. It is reasonable to ask oneself, why is an adult so intent on spending time with my child?  Ask the questions and watch for the answer.

I think that parents should find out the particulars of every male around their children, google them, check them out on face book and twitter to see what kinds of things they are interested in. One can sometimes read between the lines. A pedophile will slip up. If something strikes you as inconsistent in the man, his behaviour and what he says, pay attention – do some digging. Some folks might call you paranoid but it’s better than the alternative. People who have nothing to fear will not be bothered by your concern but those who have something to fear might be offended by your questioning.

The police are doing what they can behind the scenes.The Police cannot be everywhere. We have to take responsibility by being our children’s ears and eyes and taking responsibility as adults to look into who our children associate with in person or over the internet.

According to research,  a pedophile does not have a particular profile – they from all socioeconomic backgrounds, educational levels and age groups. The only consistent profile is being male.

The experts say children give signals of distress if you are observant. They tend to become more secretive in taking a shower. They may become quieter or have frequent anger outbursts. They may whisper on the phone or may complain of pain around their groin.

Please take care of our children. They are the future.


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