Only the Best for Baby Blue

Rumour has it that Oprah is tapped to be the godmother of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s precious Baby Blue. And why not, is there a better godmother in the house? Don’t think so. I think they have chosen well. With Oprah and that baby’s powerhouse parents what can go wrong.

I say congratulations to Oprah the perfect mother who has not given birth to a child.    Congratulations to mommy and daddy for their quick thinking.

Oprah wasn’t even the godmother yet but was among the first to deliver a ton of books for Baby Blue which underscores the importance Oprah places on education and particularly reading.  After that it might have been awkward not to give Oprah the coveted spot of godmother. Usually, one gives that position to a sister or close personal friend or relative. In some cultures the position of godmother is not to be taken lightly. If the parents mess with the child the godparents can step in and remove the child or if both parents die suddenly, the godparents/mother has a responsibility to help raise the child.


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