Accused of murder

Mohammad Shafia, right, Tooba Yahya, centre, and their son Hamed Mohammed Shafia

These three family members are accused of killing another four family members in  cold blood in the icy water of Montreal’s canal. The entire story sounds bizarre to me.  This family apparently went to  great lengths to murder these women when the same could have accomplished in a much simpler way perhaps by hiring someone to shoot all of them. According to the testimonies, the accused bought a car – the death trap  – and then the men drove to the canal and were pushed into the water by their brother who was stalking them perhaps to see where they were going, he said he tried  unsuccessfully to throw a life line in the form of a rope  – where did he find the rope? and he just left and went on his way. Stupid his lawyer agreed but that did not make him a killer.

I think that Muslims have to be ever so watchful of their actions because the idea of honor killing is showing up more and more in the courts in recent years.

If this is true, it is a terrible thing for a parent to do. The world is a huge place and for those who cannot cope with the freedoms of Western society, they should really seriously seek haven in countries more compatible to their values. You cannot want to enjoy the freedoms of Western democracy but deny these freedoms to your family members. It is insane.  Read the story below


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