Watch out for Pharmaceuticals who want to turn you into a drug addict

Recent research appears to show that grief, may now be classified as a treatable illness. I suppose as human beings our range of emotions ought to be happy and happier still and soon that too may be diagnosed as a condition to be treated for what is happiness? What is sadness? What is grief? Are we out to lunch in our expectations of what is life. Life is a series of ups and downs. If you are down, there is only one way you can go and that’s up and if you’re up on a mountain there’s only one way you can go is down the mountain. Life is movements between hills and valleys and if these normal conditions are going to be medicalized, I think we are in trouble as a human species.  We cannot depend on drugs to experience a life that is not of this world. Those who are quick to prescribe dangerous drugs to fill our bodies and make us into some kind of zombie are doing so for the financial benefits. So please, let us not get on this band waggon. There are ways to cope outside of feeding on pills.


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