The Controversial Paula Deen – Celebrity Shef

Paua Deen, celebrity Shef is the woman who promoted everything the dietician says you should not have. She cooks like real people used to cook years back when we wore our clothes well. She is definitely not a fan of carrot chewing, grass-blending, peanut-butter-and-celery-stick kind of gal. But for everything there is a price when carried to extreme. Paula Deen developed type 2 diabetes three years ago and made it public. I’d say she had a good 50 something years run of eating what she enjoys.  Anyway since her diabetes she has jumped ship and now is a spokeswoman for type 2 diabetes-drug. Some thinks she is a fraud – hanging her mouth where the soup leaks  – or she could be painted as just another Hollywood celebrity entrepreneur  success story – trying to make more money that they can use in one lifetime. So, what’s wrong with that? It’s the way people do business in celebrity world – isn’t it. Why all the green-eyed monsters aiming at the woman’s throat. She just wants to help folks suffering from diabetes get better. Just like those who were once over-weight now trying to make us all lose weight. It’s all good. It’s all fair. This is America, land of free enterprise and enterprising people.

Paula Deen: Populist Cook or Diabetic

Scam Artist?

Tradition doesn’t need to be thrown out, but adapted as we learn about the body and adjust ourselves to the more sedentary ways of modern life.
January 25, 2012  |  
By now you’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding Paula Deen, the southern cook whose butter-soaked, sugar-fueled meals and home-grown style made her a hit on the Food Network. Since admitting to having contracted Type 2 diabetes three years ago and signing on to be a diabetes drug spokeswoman, her publicist has quit, she was condemned as a food hustler by fellow celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, and many have gloated that the old gal got what she deserved. The Deen brand is not in good shape.

I’m not much of a Food TV person, but I am a North Carolinian who has lived most of my adult life in New York City. Every time a restaurant opens here promising me “southern” cuisine, I get excited, and then ultimately disappointed. How hard is it for Yankees to make grits?? Very hard, I conclude, staring at the lumpy mess on my plate where a shimmering heap of buttery corn goodness should be. 


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