Inspirational story that you should know about

If you are feeling a little sorry for yourself and want a little pick me up, read this story please.

One year ago, Cyndi Desjardins, an Ontario wife and mother, went to her local ER, complaining of a severe pain in her leg and what she thought was the flu.

Within hours, her doctors were forced to place her in an induced coma when her condition suddenly worsened, while they tried to figure out what was wrong.

When Cyndi awoke four weeks later, she no longer had both her hands and her lower legs. She had contracted flesh-eating disease, her doctors told her, and her limbs had to be amputated to stop the necrotizing fasciitis bacteria from attacking her organs and killing her.

Desjardins stayed in hospital for five and a half months, learning to adjust to a life without hands and legs. Read more….


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