The Bells of the Ball

Last night at the Golden Globes brought back memories of the golden era of “dress-up” – girls in long, sometimes convoluted gowns sweeping the floor.  Everyone was like thanksgiving turkey that is overdressed. I longed for some simple beauty – there were a few simple but definitely not beautiful outfits that I saw. Anyway the event was worth watching. I got caught up with some of the shows I will never see but it’s good to know what I am missing.

I like George Clooney, not because he is a handsome guy but he is unpretentious and down to earth. He is not full of himself and that’s part of his charm. He has grace.

Meryl Streep won again. While I think she did an outstanding job in the Iron Lady, it looks too much like her performance in the Devil Wear’s Prada. I think on principle the Globe should have gone to another of the outstanding women who were named in her category. 

It was nice to see The Help was recognized, won an award and the supporting actress won an award as well.

Loved Sidney Poitier’s tribute speech to Morgan Freedman who received a Lifetime Award. He was simply brilliant and theatrical. He appeared to have been dragging his left foot, hope nothing serious is going on there.

Frieda Pinto


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