The world is full of greys

Can we as human recognize our short-sightedness when it comes to the human condition. We think we know so much but there is so much to know. We proceed on limited information and discriminate at will because people do not fit into our little prescribed boxes.  Exceptions to the rule, to me, demonstrate that anything is possible between conception and delivery of a human being and our job is to accept these as gifts and a natural part of the diversity of human beings.

This article below states that a woman was born with two uteruses and two vaginas. She has given birth to a child. She never knew she was different until her boyfriend told her that she is different. The point is we discriminated against gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexual people believing that these people are making up stories about their feelings without thinking for a moment that it could be their true nature. The state wants to intervene and dictate what is normal and what isn’t.  Is the state God?  Is it legal for a state to exert such control over human nature? If we do not want to accept people who are different what should we do? Kill them at birth or in utero? Then that would be a sin according to some. Then we bring these differences into the world and proceed to make their lives hell.   We can make rules about behaviours to ensure that we respect each other, be safe with each other and to protect the most vulnerable in society. That’s all.

We have had enough evidence to show that the world is not divided neatly into black and white piles. There is a spectrum of colours, many shades, tones and richness for us to enjoy and marvel and be curious about not to shun or squish into an unnatural containers. It is not right, it is not moral and it should be illegal. 

Read this story and she is not along. There are thousands of women with this same issue. Thanks to the internet which makes information accessible and provide opportunities for people to exchange information and support each other


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