Gayle King still have to find her Zing

Oprah’s side kick Gayle King left Oprah to fill a dream she had of hosting CBS Morning Show and CBS was ready to try anything to bring its lagging ratings up. Well to date nothing has changed – there are not bells and whistles going off on the ratings chart that can be attributed to King. But these are early days, people may be warming up to her or some may be mad at her for leaving her friend Oprah at this critical juncture. Who knows, no one’s talking and Oprah said it was all good that King had her blessing. Pretty mature of them. Lesser folks might have raised hell  and vow never to speak again but our Enlightened Oprah would not go there I am sure. I hope the friendship is in tact and perhaps Gayle being at CBS may in fact help Oprah’s cause. We have to hope for the best in this.

I hope that Ms King is able to pull up CBS from the mire it appears to be in.

Don’t you just love the glass desk and Ms King looks so much like she belongs there.


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