Are you the Victoria Secret Generation?

If you are, I think you ought to be aware that those sexy lingerie are being produced by child labour in Burkina Faso.  According to reports coming out of Burkina Faso, children are being worked long hours in the hot sun and even beaten if they do not produce as expected. This is unacceptable. I hope those who support this company would also support children and ensure that Victoria’s secret weapon is exposed and denounced. Child labour is wrong and inhumane.

Even though those children may be poor they are human being and children like any other none-the-less. Would you let your children work in the field for more than 8 hours a day? I don’t think so.

…. the company cannot ignore the increasing demand for sustainable products, and so when it began using “fair trade, organic cotton,” the sexy-seeking, environmentally minded could ostensibly feel better about their choice to patronize Victoria’s Secret. Little tags in tinier thongs noted: “Made with 20 percent organic cotton from Burkina Faso.”

Which sounds comforting, only an expose published this week by Bloomberg reports that the cotton at that farm in Burkina Faso is harvested by children, who are not only forced to work long hours in the grueling sun, but are beaten if they don’t perform up to par.


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