North Korea Needs a New Leader in a Free and Democratic Election

North Koreans are so controlled and manipulated by its regime that they have the masses appearing to cry the loss of their leader on cue.  Those tears look so fake the blind could see it. Who would cry for man who has massacred so many of his people just to stay in power? When will the North Koreans thirst for freedom and democracy enough to launch into the Asian springs.

It was recently announced that Kim Jong-un, the late leader’s son will be conferred the title of the new state leader. Also a  top military official, Kim Jong-gak said:  “Our people’s military will serve comrade Kim Jong-un at the head of our revolutionary troops and will continue to maintain and complete the Songun accomplishments of great leader Kim Jong-il,” he said.

I never knew Asia had a dynastic leadership but if a father  Kim Il-Jong can bequeath his “throne” to his son Kim Jong-un then it is a dynasty. I think this is the time for change in North Korea.  They do not need the son to take over, he should go find himself another job and let the people decide who should be their next leader.

I do not think it is far-fetched or far off  to say that the North Korean  people will speak and speak clearly to the young man Kim Jong-un as the  Supreme leader of the Party, State,  and Army to let him know it’s time for change and he should step aside. And he would not do so easily.


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