Children Rule in the Cyber world

 Meet 16-year-old South Londoner Nick D’Aloisio’s  the wonder boy who saw and need and went on to fill it and for which he has gained international  recognition and attention by a Hong Kong-based billionaire  and perhaps on his way to a nice comfortable life.

 developed an app Summly for the iPhone  which summarises and simplifies the content of web pages and search results. Currently it can condense reference pages, news articles and reviews but has the potential to go a lot further.

“I was revising for a history exam and using Google, clicking in and out of search results, and it seemed quite inefficient. If I found myself on a site that was interesting I was reading it and that was wasting time,” he said.

“I thought that what I needed was a way of simplifying and summarising these web searches. Google has Instant Preview but that is just an image of the page. What I wanted was a content preview,” he says.

What a boy. Congratulations!


One comment on “Children Rule in the Cyber world

  1. auto donation says:

    okay, after reading this i’m subscribing

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