Eva resigns after racist slur against Black womenhood

 Did Eva Hoeke ever denigrated a white woman in similar outfit on stage and there are plenty of examples of outrageous, sexually explicit clothing that hit the stage.  If she had never seen anything wrong about them then why is it she felt the need to dehumanize Rihanna? People with privilege always say that they did not mean any harm but who cares. It is not about what is meant? No one can see in your heart, it’s all about the impact.  This denigration has impacted not only Rihanna but all Black womanhood. Black women are still sexualized more than other women and that sexualization is not seen as a good thing but always crude and out of place. It is as if when white women show off their body it is a good thing and beautiful and it is their right.

     Ms Hoeke remarks are racist and a violation of Rihanna’s human rights.   She knows nothing about Rihanna obviously, like so many privileged people all Blacks from the Caribbean are from Jamaica, they do not care to do the research. There are more countries in the Caribbean than Jamaica.

   I think Ms Hoeke has done the right thing by resigning from her job. I hope she has learned a lesson. You think about the impact of your words before putting them on paper.  This condemnation of Black women will be in  cyber land forever.



One comment on “Eva resigns after racist slur against Black womenhood

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