Who will it be on the X Factor – Down to the Wire

I expect the X factor to sizzle tonight. The contestants hopefully are smart enough to pull out all the stops and fight to win $5million. It is tough. They are three very different people with star quality, voice quality and likeability factor. Who takes home the crown? Who will America choose?

As I said before I like all three. They are fabulous but I’m with the underdog in this competition. The guy with the drug problem. He needs help and this could help him make a better life for himself and his family. With someone like Chris winnining, I think he is they type of person who will give back generously to people in dire situations. I think he deserves a chance and I hope America give him and make his late dad proud. You can tell I am a sucker for the little guy.

No matter what happens all three of these contestants will walk away better than they came into the competition. They can take their careers to the next level. I am  also sure that producers will be knocking on their doors. They are going be alright.

With that I want to wish all of them well and great performances. Make it as touch as possible for the public. Maybe for once let us get a three-way tie or something.



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