Chris got the boot from XFactor Last Night

Josh, Melanie, Chris, Marcus

It was not surprising that Chris did not make it. He was hovering around the bottom for a few weeks but I like him. He has style and for me he is the next Marvin Gaye. He even looks a bit like Marvin. The boy has soul, style and he can dance. He has the core skills for the entertainment industry and I am sure he will be given a deal by LA Reid. Being in the top four makes all of the contestants winners. I am sure the $5 million would make that winning feeling all the more sweet. Unfortunately only one contestant will walk away with that much money but each of the four would have gained so much more.  I loved the high note and maturity with which Chris took his walking papers. He was still glowing like a star you wouldn’t have though he was the one going home.  Watch for that boy to hit us up with a bang the next time we see him. He’s got it made.

About the three other contestants. I love all of them but I am betting on one of the two males to win the prize. My favourite is  Josh. He’s got something that I have not seen in a male musician for a long time. He’s got the looks, the tone of voice, that sexiness to his persona and he can sing and get you in the heart.

Marcus is someone I would love to see win just to reward him for the journey he has made for himself, getting off drugs, pulling himself together. Wow, what an original artist and he is great. He is likeable and being the sort of underdog in the competition I want good things for him. I want him to make his father proud.

Whatever happens I hope he never returns to drugs and believe in himself that he could do better for himself.

I love Melanie Amaro very much. She is talented and all but I don’t believe this is her year. Again, I am sure she will be snatched up by one of those producers. She has what it takes to be a money-maker for the industry. Good luck to all of you.



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