Are some men in Ghana reverting to babies – sucking women’s breasts


Big babies sucking mama breast - must be hungry



I think some of these men in Ghana must be watching too many western pornographic materials that they’ve become soft in the head.  They’re making complete fools of themselves sucking women’s breasts in public. That is for babies, sorry you’ve had your time at your mom’s breasts, time to grow up and be a man.

The next thing you might want a woman to carry you on their backs like babies and then sit at home and let the women take care of your needs.  Shame on you who practice this behaviour. You’re not being cool you’re being a fool.

On the other hand, it could be hard times hitting Ghana that feeding men breast milk is one way to keep up their strength to go to work in the field. Let’s hope for the depression to pass over then maybe men would not have to feed off women’s breast milk.


As if that is the latest “Sakawa” in town to aid the young guys into making some quick money, the new craze in town is that almost all the young guys who visit the nite clubs with their girl friends are trying to suck their breasts openly without fear or shyness from the public. When the first picture was sent to us we thought it was something designed to seek public attention until this writer witnessed it at a popular Nite club in Accra.

Every occasion comes with a different lifestyle but what we are witnessing this year is a mind boggling one which needs serious attention from the authorities of the Nite clubs these activities have been seen. The first one was seen at a Nite club around Adabraka and Asylum Down(Accra) during their session they call Francophone Nite which is believed to house many people from our neighboring French countries. What is still not clear was whether those who were engaged in the act were Ghanaians or foreigners. The most fascinating stuff about this breasts sucking craze is that the guys do not suck the “orange” (small) size breasts, but the “water melon” type which babies even admire.

yeah I’m not seeing the problem with this. Ladies… would you have your man just slobbing all upon your titty meat out in public? I don’t think so!




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