Too close for comfort?

 This video is about two women quarrelling on a crowded bus. The quarrel turned into a racist rant with one woman telling the other to go back where she came from.

I think this should be taken in context. When people feel threatened and powerless they attack their opponents at their most vulnerable place in this it is about race. 

It is also to remind us that we have to be careful about what we do in public. There are media vampires who prey on unsuspecting people for the fun of it – tape their private quarrels or faux pas and then upload in on the internet and watch others howl in laughter and tears.  Big brother is no longer watching, they have devolved that to the faceless man or woman on the street. Their eyes are everywhere. We have to always be on our ps and qs or you might end up and unfortunate star on Facebook and the world-wide web where you will be lingering forever.  There should be a law about these things. People should not have the right to photograph perfect strangers who are not public figures and do what they want with it? I must admit some are very laughable but others can have long-lasting negative effect on a person.

Take a look – there is bad language so be warned.


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