Two heavyweights passed on

Joe Frazier and Heavy D recently passed away at relatively young ages. Joe was 67 and Heavy D only 44 years old. I guess Joe finally  beat Ali  in this race to his eternal home. Who can forget the man who helped make the brutal sports of boxing a little easier to watch because he  was a great boxer and he was the first to take the sting  out of Ali’s bee.

Even though fans still rave after him, life has been a little rough for Frazier. With all the money that passed through his hand  at the end  of his life all he could afford was a one room house. Just goes to show that money comes and money goes and if we define ourselves by how much money we have then we’re nothing when it is all gone. I hope that Frazier knew he was much more of a man than that.

Jamaican born Heavy D, had made his mark in the entertainment industry as a rapper and an actor. Cause of his death is still not known. It is a shock to the world when someone who young suddenly dies. We need answers to set our world right. Was it natural causes, was it an overdose, did he take his own life, what caused a young 44-year-old to drop dead. There is always a reason and death knows no respecter of age. We can just hope that Heavy D went in peace.

May the souls of these two men rest in peace.


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