What is your college degree worth to you?

There is an ongoing  debate that too many students go to university and end up on the public payroll of the unemployed or underemployed. A  liberal arts degree does not offer the student much in terms of pay when they do find jobs. In fact the research shows that people without degrees such as plumbers, electrician and other skilled people tend to earn way more than a person with a basic university education. The argument is not that university education is a total waste of time but what is important is the major.
   For engineering, graduates for example the rewards are great. They earn a lot and are sought after even before they graduate whereas a primary school teacher or a civil servant pushing paper earn less than a third of someone with a professional degree in the right  discipline. 

It would not be a problem if students were not left holding the bag with hefty student loans to repay after graduation but cannot find a job that pays enough to allow them to repay such loans comfortably.

Do we need a public policy to regulate the courses being offered to students and whether non-professional studies ought to be free leaving those who go for higher paying professional careers to foot the bill for their education – medicine, engineering, computer science, etc.?

It is sad to see students graduating with high hopes of a job only to be left with a big debt hanging over their heads. This creates a lot of stress and discouragement to students. Should we encourage each student to leave school with some kind of a saleable skill – carpentry, masonry, whatever.  Read the article below


What do you think?


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