What is your excuse

This 100-year-old man, Fauja Singh,  does not think he is old and the thought of  being old does not come into his head. In other words he does not allow the thoughts and judgements of others to infect him with ideas that are not true and so he keeps doing what is natural for him. Singh started running at the age of 89 when many in that age group  are preparing to die. Singh refocused himself in this direction after he experienced some family crisis.

It is true that our thoughts define us, expand us or limit us. What Singh has done anyone can do but you have to put your thoughts in order and get rid of the memes – fed us by society which says at a certain age we are old. That is nonsense and the sooner we take control of our thoughts the better off we will be. Let Singh be a symbol for what is possible when we expand our mind beyond the limited possibities of our existence. There is a world out there to be conquered and age is a state of mind not a condition, not an illness. Way to go Fauja Singh. I’ll be watching for you in London.

It took him more than eight hours to cross the finish line in 3,850th place, but those unimpressive figures earn Fauja Singh a remarkable record – as the world’s oldest marathon runner.

The Indian-born 100-year-old from Ilford, east London, completed the full distance in Toronto more than six hours after the winner, as workers were dismantling the barricades.

His total time of 8.25.18 should make him the Guinness World Record holder once all documentation is verified.

Born in the Punjab on 1 April 1911, Singh was a farmer when he first developed a love for running, but only took it up again 11 years ago after moving to live with family in the UK following the deaths of his wife and son. He ran his first marathon aged 89, and has since run seven more.



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