Another Police Officer utters Racial Slurs

What is a police officer thinking when he utters racial slurs about a black person. Is he being a racist or jerk? When he speaks to another person about his wrongdoing does he recognize a sort of collective collusion? Isn’t he concerned that this person may report him?

Police Officers are people with a lot of responsibility and upon whom there is a high degree of expectation. We expect them to be fair, honest and with a sincere desire to carry out their jobs honourably but when officers like …. Brings disrepute to good police officers the public, especially minority groups, is left always with a question mark when dealing with white officers. Was that officer being racist in stopping me or is he doing his job?

“I fried another nigger,” Officer Michael Daragjati, who’s been with the NYPD for eight years, said in a conversation with a friend after his phone was tapped. “Another nigger fried, no big deal.”

Federal prosecutors tapped Daragjati’s cell phone during an investigation for an unrelated insurance fraud case when investigators heard him bragging to a female friend about falsely charging a man with resisting arrest.

I think it is time that potential police officers should be screened for racial intolerance. These people do not belong on the police force. When an officer is found lacking is this critical area, there should be no second chance, that officer should be fired or given a desk job where he does not have access to the public.

In 2011, to hear that a police officer is laughing and joking about the injustice he did to a black man is unconscionable whether the intent is racism or not.  We cannot have confidence in the police force if we always have a second guess and wondering what the officer is really up to. Officers like these are ineffective in getting the public to cooperate with them in solving crimes because of the lack of trust and lack of respect for them.

Something must be done now.


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