Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Friends

As you eat, drink and enjoy a bountiful harvest today, please say a silent prayer for peace in the world.
There are many who have nothing on their tables, have heavy hearts, ducking
bullets and live in fear because of our world of unrest. Endeavour to raise the
vibration in your environment so that it may radiate out to others. Think peace
spread love today.

Every century holds the solution of
one predominating problem. Although there may be many problems, yet one of
the innumerable problems will loom large and become the most important of
all. …in this luminous century the greatest bestowal of the world of humanity
is Universal Peace, which must be
founded, so that the realm of creation may obtain composure, the East and the
West, which include in their arms the five continents of the globe, may
embrace each other, mankind may rest beneath the tent of oneness of the world
of humanity, and the flag of universal peace may wave over all the regions….  Abdul Baha



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